STITCH: Join Denmark Together portrays a diverse view on Denmark and the Danish society of today, as seen through the eyes of the local community.

The idea was to make the world’s largest cross stitch piece, a project in collaboration with ITMV (In Line With The World), a production workshop for ethnic minority women with a focus on craft. Additional contributors to the piece have been Københavns Tekniske Skole, who drilled the 25.000 holes the wooden boards. Students from 10. Vest at Vesterbro Ny Skole, and everyone else who joined in stitching at the Smukificering of Enghave Plads.

This co-creative piece aims to connect people from different demographics and communities in a positive and engaging way, that promotes diversity and inclusion in the Danish society.

All photos by  Casper Vildrik Justesen  

All photos by Casper Vildrik Justesen 


A huge thanks to everyone getting involved!